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From Twēġen To Triad – #CBCStylori

August 7, 1997

Birthdays are always fun, especially during school days. For a person like me who plans what to buy for the next birthday from this birthday onward, birthdays are super fun. My wedding planning and fashion consulting instincts come from my childhood, I guess. I always plan my birthdays to perfection, and I shamelessly boast around that it is my birthday.

My school, despite its disciplinary rules and regulations, allows students to wear civil dress (back then, I call it color dress :P) on birthdays. I was in grade 3, and I was wearing this wonderful pink frock with white satin belt. I still remember most of my favorite clothes from childhood. My mom had preserved most of them and passed them over to my nieces, and some of the dresses were well-preserved in form of photographs.

We also had the habit of distributing candies to the fellow students. You have to believe me when I say I was the most silent kid in the classroom. Yes, I was a shy and silent girl, an introvert too, till I hit puberty. I was naughty at home, but to the outside world, I was the most shy kid. My mom had given me Alpenliebe candies to be distributed to my classmates. Read the rest of this entry


Ethnic Look #4: Style a Kanchivaram Saree

Hi, Gorgeous People.

This is a long pending post. Yes, this was the time around September when I experimented with my sister’s old Kanchivaram Silk saree for Ganesh Chathurthi at home. Mostly, it is an unwritten fact that silk sarees give you a matured look and traditional look. I wanted to look ethnic in silk saree at the same time have a style of my own, so here is what I experimented. Read the rest of this entry

Welcome to Strilish World!

Hi Gorgeous People!!

This is Stri and I blog mainly at I am Stri. I blog on various niches and one of it was fashion and reviews. Apparently, fashion sells well – ain’t it? Many people started recognizing me for my fashion blog posts and I was almost known as the fashion blogger 😛 😀 All these made me to toy around with the idea of fashion blog but then there are already plenty of them, aren’t they? Well, what difference I shall make? I wanted to KISS – Read the rest of this entry