From Twēġen To Triad – #CBCStylori

August 7, 1997

Birthdays are always fun, especially during school days. For a person like me who plans what to buy for the next birthday from this birthday onward, birthdays are super fun. My wedding planning and fashion consulting instincts come from my childhood, I guess. I always plan my birthdays to perfection, and I shamelessly boast around that it is my birthday.

My school, despite its disciplinary rules and regulations, allows students to wear civil dress (back then, I call it color dress :P) on birthdays. I was in grade 3, and I was wearing this wonderful pink frock with white satin belt. I still remember most of my favorite clothes from childhood. My mom had preserved most of them and passed them over to my nieces, and some of the dresses were well-preserved in form of photographs.

We also had the habit of distributing candies to the fellow students. You have to believe me when I say I was the most silent kid in the classroom. Yes, I was a shy and silent girl, an introvert too, till I hit puberty. I was naughty at home, but to the outside world, I was the most shy kid. My mom had given me Alpenliebe candies to be distributed to my classmates.

Kids, even most of us – the grown-ups, have the habit of taking two chocolates, sweets, or candies while someone distributes them. My teacher specifically warned students to take only one candy. While I was distributing candies, there was this one guy who was sweet looking. I just know his name, and nothing else. Our school has the habit of shuffling students to various sections, so they get to know every other student in that grade. I was new to this section, and I hardly had friends, but he already had his best friend with him.

I don’t still know why or how, but I gave him two candies. He took one, and I gave him one more. He smiled and said, “Happy Birthday.”

Year 2012

Years passed, we were in different sections after that. We were friends, but we couldn’t spend much time as we had different set of friends, hobbies, and second languages at school. After 10th grade, he changed schools. While, I continued in the same school.

Thanks to Facebook, I got his friend request one day. We used to chat now and then. He used to speak about his job, and I used to talk about my post-graduate college. He was working abroad after his under graduation. I wanted to invite friends for an alumni meet in my school, and I asked him his number, not to invite him but to get another friend’s number by asking him. Gradually, we started chatting over Whatsapp.

August 7, 2013

I got call from him, at midnight. He had done an overseas call to wish me, and we ended up talking 1 hour 30 minutes, despite me juggling between other calls, now and then.

From then,

This routine continued, and we spoke a lot. We spoke about work, the guy and girl we were interested in. We spoke of random things. I was the girl he drunk dials. He was the guy I dial to escape from ticket collector while I forgot to take my MRTS train ticket.

Every time he visits Chennai, he meets me. Not just for an hour or two, but he spends a day or two even if he comes for a week. When his then-girlfriend dumped him, I wanted to go and punch on her face on the day of her wedding. He stopped me saying it’s not worth my anger.

When any guy would break my heart, he never blames me; instead, he abuses them for being a jerk. He neither made me walk on the inside of the road, nor he makes me go away when he smokes. He takes me in his scooter to even the smoking place and makes me chew bubble gum and sit on the scooter while he smokes.

We had gained couple entry into the pub and ate of all the peanuts and came out when we had to meet another set of old friends. We are the dynamic duo. The first movie we went together was Manam. He is a Telugu guy, and I understand Telugu. The movie was too sentimental that I ended up crying, and there he was not complaining or making fun, but giving me tissues, holding my hands, and giving me his Pepsi.

I know from then, from always, that he is my soulmate. I can keep writing about him; if I ever participate in a write-a-thon, I will write about him. Ha! Well, now he is having a serious relationship with a girl. Unlike most of my male friends, who think I friend-zoned them, who think they can’t introduce me to their better halves as girl best friend, or who talk with romantic inclinations to me, this guy is my true best friend. I have two more male besties like that, but this one is the one I have known longest and best.

The day he realized he loved this girl, he told me before proposing to her. He virtually introduced us. In another year or so, he will be married to her, and then the dynamic duo will be a Triad. I have already decided what I would gift him. I would gift him this:


I found this Triad ring in a website called Stylori. They are associated with NAC Jewellers. They have a plenty of features like trendy collections, easy returns, cash-on-delivery, one-day shipping, and what not. Check out their website, app, or FB page.

Well, to the girl he is dating, get married to him and keep him safe or you will know that I am there to punch you on your face. Ha! Just kidding, I trust you are the one for him. So, guys, get married fast. Oh well, if you readers are wondering how will he wear the ring I gift for him while he is engaged to another girl, well, the wedding ring finger is the only one assigned for love. The rest all are the ones I hold on to as his best friend! By the way, I might even swipe his card to get him this gift 😛

No one ever asked me why I am not dating him and vice-versa, and in this stereotypical world, when people aren’t asking that, that means we are indeed perfect BFFs to world’s eyes too.

To my soulmate in a best friend way, Happy Men’s Day, idiot! We are perfect examples of Boy-Girl Besties, and I will shamelessly boast it. As on now, concentrate on the date that you have next week with her, and for got sake get her a ring from Stylori and propose to her soon.

Readers, why not this men’s day, you shop from Stylori for the most favorite men in your life?


This post is written as a part of Stylori Contest in association with The Chennai Bloggers Club.


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