Seduced by Murder – Book Review

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I have been doing a thriller novels challenge. Yeah, while the world is busy with ice bucket, rice bucket, book bucket, and music bucket challenge, I am doing a thriller novels challenge where I am hoping to complete 15 thrillers in one month. I started on August 16th, and with 13 down, I have two left to be finished before September 15th. The latest one that I completed was “Seduced by Murder” by Saurbh Katyal.

indexSaurabh, a marketing professional, writes stories for his passion. Having published short stories and also having won an international short-story writing award some time back, he has published his first novel “Seduced by Murder” with Bluejay Books. Priced at Rs. 195, this 268 pages thriller is now available at Amazon.

Plot: Vishal Bajaj, a whiskey-loving (at times has affair with beer & vodka too) private investigator is ‘happily’ probing extra-marital affair cases for his clients. Just like any other day, he gets a call from a prospective client only to realize that she is his ex-girlfriend Aditi. Has she called him to make him investigate about her husband? No, she wants him to help her out as there has been a murder in her family. With almost seven members, not inclusive of the dead person from Aditi’s family, and a handful of ‘friends and acquaintances’, it is a tough situation for Vishal to find the murderer. Vishal is caught a trap of family lies and deceits where every single person seems to have a motive. As he moves forward with his investigation in spite of his addiction to alcohol and Aditi, and the slightly obnoxious presence of local police and a journalist, another couple of murders take place. With 3 murders and a lot of suspects, was Vishal successful in solving the case? Who was/were the murderer(s)? These form the rest of the story.

What strengthens the plot?

  1. Excellent narration in simple words.
  2. Crystal clear presentation of facts without any confusing or ‘fancy’ terminologies.
  3. No silly blackmailing the detective, although people seem to influence him.
  4. Sticking on to the plot with a gripping screenplay.

What pulls it down?

  1. Confusing names – Anjali, Aditi, and Aarthi – For an Indian, these names may sound different, but it will be too confusing for any person who is not familiar with Indian names. At a couple of places, I lost track myself despite being having known people with this names.
  2. Stereotypes, scandals and scams – Homosexuality, extramarital affairs, having feelings for ex, friends with benefits, and what not? The story kind of consisted all of these and more.
    It was stereotyped that a typical high society would have all these and more. One of these would go well with story, but having all of it was quite misleading.

Would I recommend it? Yes, a good one time read.

Rating: 3.75/5

Verdict:  A fast-paced thriller, filled with family lies, which is slowed down by the speed breakers of stereotypical portrayal.

P.S: Thanks, Saurbh, for sending across this book for a genuine review by me. Kudos!


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  1. If you want to read murder mysteries, start with In Death series by Nora Roberts, writing under the pseudonym J D Robb. Amazing stories, set in 2060 NYC…there are 40 or more till date, with 2 new books every year… start with Judgement in Death, or Reunion in Death, or Divided in Death…then you can start from the beginning. All the best – you have a whole new world to discover 🙂

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