Me, Myself, and My Zero Figure – Size Zero!!!

Hi Gorgeous People!!

Yeah! I am Size Zero finally! Oh no, don’t give me those reproachful looks. I know many of the ladies out here would hate Size Zero but then hating it reminds me of the Fox & Grapes story. Even I used to criticize the Zero Figure Celebs and it was absolutely out of despair and J-Factor. However, in heart of heart I always wanted to have Size Zero. Many people suggested me to hit the gym, go on crash diet, and maintain strict vegan diet and what not! However, I didn’t follow any of these. I took my own way and believe it or not it took exactly 9 months to reduce 18kgs and drop down 4-6 inches of the overall vital stats.

Size Zero – What exactly is it? The size of the breast-waist-hip ratio should be between 30-22-32 to 33-25-35. Yeah, as simple as that. If this is the size then you will be able to wear XS or S size clothing which is Size 0 in US Standard.

Now, let me start with a picture of me before starting of the weight reduction session!
I weighed almost 69 Kgs, yeah thanks to my PCOD which made me bloat like a balloon.


Now, here is the picture of me clicked a couple of days ago!
I weigh 51 Kgs and Size Zero!


What exactly did I do?

Well, the diet was damn simple and it doesn’t need anything complex at all.
What did I skip? Sugar, Oil, Butter!
What did I consume a lot? Broccoli, Lettuce, Green Tea!

My Diet Chart!
750ml of cold water as soon after waking up.
After 15mins – 150ml of Green Tea – With honey and lemon.
After 45mins – Kellogg’s K + Skimmed Milk/Brown bread sandwich/Rawa Idly -2/Rawa Dosa-1/Paranthey-1
At around 11AM – Black Tea – Without Sugar!
After 1 hour 30 minutes – Lunch – Roti 2+Daal+Vegetable+Frozen Yoghurt (made of skimmed milk)
At 4PM – Coffee (Skimmed Milk, No Sugar)
At 7:30PM – Dinner – Rawa Dosa – 1/Roti 2+Sabji/Kellogg’s K + Skimmed Milk/Paranthey -2

My Cheat Meal!
I often cheat meal. Weekly once I eat out and I consume everything like cheese, pasta, sweets, and various other cuisines. I deeply regret it but then why should I sacrifice the treats my friends shower on me because of my obsession with weight loss? Well, on those days all I do is eat little of everything and pick a food that has low carbs and calories. Also, I won’t consume sugar, oil, and butter – no matter what the dishes are. If you think, I am starving then you are wrong because I do eat a lot and I am a Zomato Top Foodie!

My Exercise!
Oh well, my exercises are damn simple and really loveable. Here it goes!
1. 5km walk or jog – in the morning!
2. Yoga Session – 1 hour (Consists of Surya Namaskar, and few asanas – enroll into a yoga class)
3. 30 minutes of dance – I do western and dandiya (Enroll in Salsa or Bhangra if you don’t know dancing)
4. Walk and talk – I speak 1 hour daily oh phone and I walk and talk, talk and walk!
5. Crunches – Do that Tummy Crunches!! Yeah every one of them for 20 minutes.

What helps?
1. Chocolates – The Dark chocolates reduce weight!
2. Sleep – 6-8 hours of sleep!
3. Food – Proper quantities of food! Nothing more, nothing less!
4. Water – 4-5 liters are more than sufficient!

What doesn’t?
1. Sugar – They make you rapidly gain weight!
2. Soda – A Big No!
3. Pumpkin, Chikoo (Sapota) – They increase body fat at wrong places!

All these work well for me, I am not giving you the guarantee that you will end up in size zero but this post might act as a propeller or guidance to create your own weight reduction chart.

P.S: Quit smoking and drinking or at least reduce the level of consumption, because being a teetotaler helps you reduce a lot of weight. If you are a non-vegetarian, go with grilled chicken or grilled meat instead of fried ones.

P.P.S: Next month, I will come up with how to maintain the Size Zero post!

~Stay Gorgeous!


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About Stri

Stri is a suave young lady in her mid-twenties who loves fashion, food, books, chocolate, travel, kisses, and her BFFs ~ Not necessarily in this order :P She writes, reads, dances, works (sadly), and also sleeps a lot! She loves all and hates none although she bitches about a few! XOXO

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  1. Amazing …what an achievement in such a short span !

  2. awesome!! Keep it up Sri..

  3. Wow… I know how difficult it is to loose wait with PCOD, I think I should get inspired by u and start trying 🙂

  4. I am struggling with my waistline… your post in an inspiring. Specially because unlike other diets, you went for a healthy eating and heating lifestyle. Kudos. Stay gorgeous 🙂

  5. shared with girlfriend 😀

  6. Viji Nathan

    quite amazed tat u reveal ur successful diet plan…..and a hi -fi for tat zero size,nd a heart to share the secret behind it !

  7. Congratulations. You have got your health back too. Great going and all the best.
    Nice feel of this new blog.
    All the best.

  8. Absolutely gorgeous dear. You have done a splendid job. Size Zero is fine but you got your health back.
    Keep it up dear.
    Hope to try your tips.

  9. This is so inspiring, thank you for sharing this! I wanna get on 52/51, too 🙂 You look so good and healthy now – keep up the good work! I’ll try that out (drinking cold water after waking up) and of course, I do drink a lot of tea!
    Rathana xo ✪

  10. This is really inspiring, Sri! Way to go and your achievement is commendable 🙂

  11. Sri I am so J right now!!! you loo fabulous, gorgeous, amazing and stunning! I hope to reduce the same amount this year yar, will you help me?

  12. I am jealous too..I want to try your diet…You look gorgeous now.

  13. wow wow wow!!!! Did you actually manage that! I’m jealous!

  14. I am sooo happy and soo jealous … I was once size zero :/ now my hips are around 27 😥 it is very difficult to reduce but I am so gonna try your way … 😀 i am 50 but I do put on weight on my tummy 😥 I hope I reduce

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