Welcome to Strilish World!

Hi Gorgeous People!!

This is Stri and I blog mainly at I am Stri. I blog on various niches and one of it was fashion and reviews. Apparently, fashion sells well – ain’t it? Many people started recognizing me for my fashion blog posts and I was almost known as the fashion blogger 😛 😀 All these made me to toy around with the idea of fashion blog but then there are already plenty of them, aren’t they? Well, what difference I shall make? I wanted to KISS – Keep it Simple, Stupid! This will be an absolute day to day essentials fashion blog. I will be posting reviews of products that are used almost on a daily basis and by almost everyone of us. Yeah, you can be a nerdy girl, or a cool tomboy, or even a dazzling diva – you can’t evade from using essentials, so this blog is for all of you!

Having said that, what else will this blog contain? Well, this blog will have reviews of books that are requested by authors, reviews of fashion products requested by brands (all sorts of fashion products), products, books, and movies requested by friends, and finally interviews or guest posts from other fashion bloggers, and beauticians.

P.S: Awards if any, will be accepted and posted in I am Stri – http://www.iamstri.wordpress.com/ blog. Fashion related blog awards are open for this blog.

Well, that’s all for now!!

~Stay Gorgeous!

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About Stri

Stri is a suave young lady in her mid-twenties who loves fashion, food, books, chocolate, travel, kisses, and her BFFs ~ Not necessarily in this order :P She writes, reads, dances, works (sadly), and also sleeps a lot! She loves all and hates none although she bitches about a few! XOXO

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