From Twēġen To Triad – #CBCStylori

August 7, 1997

Birthdays are always fun, especially during school days. For a person like me who plans what to buy for the next birthday from this birthday onward, birthdays are super fun. My wedding planning and fashion consulting instincts come from my childhood, I guess. I always plan my birthdays to perfection, and I shamelessly boast around that it is my birthday.

My school, despite its disciplinary rules and regulations, allows students to wear civil dress (back then, I call it color dress :P) on birthdays. I was in grade 3, and I was wearing this wonderful pink frock with white satin belt. I still remember most of my favorite clothes from childhood. My mom had preserved most of them and passed them over to my nieces, and some of the dresses were well-preserved in form of photographs.

We also had the habit of distributing candies to the fellow students. You have to believe me when I say I was the most silent kid in the classroom. Yes, I was a shy and silent girl, an introvert too, till I hit puberty. I was naughty at home, but to the outside world, I was the most shy kid. My mom had given me Alpenliebe candies to be distributed to my classmates. Read the rest of this entry

Ethnic Look #4: Style a Kanchivaram Saree

Hi, Gorgeous People.

This is a long pending post. Yes, this was the time around September when I experimented with my sister’s old Kanchivaram Silk saree for Ganesh Chathurthi at home. Mostly, it is an unwritten fact that silk sarees give you a matured look and traditional look. I wanted to look ethnic in silk saree at the same time have a style of my own, so here is what I experimented. Read the rest of this entry

Party Look #2 – What I wore for Sun TV Awards Show?

Hi, Gorgeous People,

I wanted to have a peaceful and calm weekend, but on Saturday, early in the morning, at 7:40 AM my best friend called to invite me to her company’s (Sun TV) award ceremony. It is similar to the awards shows by channels like Star Plus, etc. I initially wanted to turn down the offer, but finally accepted as I had no concrete reason to say No. As this was an impromptu party for me, I didn’t have much time to finalize my clothes, so I ended up wearing a saree that I wore on my sister’s house warming ceremony. Here, have a look: Read the rest of this entry

Seduced by Murder – Book Review

Hi, gorgeous people,

I have been doing a thriller novels challenge. Yeah, while the world is busy with ice bucket, rice bucket, book bucket, and music bucket challenge, I am doing a thriller novels challenge where I am hoping to complete 15 thrillers in one month. I started on August 16th, and with 13 down, I have two left to be finished before September 15th. The latest one that I completed was “Seduced by Murder” by Saurbh Katyal.

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Party Look #1 – How to make your own dress?

Hi, Gorgeous People!

Yeah, finally found a lousy Sunday afternoon to blog, and here it goes. Today, my OOTD (or) what i call as the LookBook post is about a chic and trendy party wear! Also, this dress is going to be quite a surprise. Why? Well, before that, have a sneak peek! Read the rest of this entry

Ethnic Look #3 – Churidhar

Hi Gorgeous People!

Not fully back to daily blogging yet. However, I hope to be back soon with a big bang. As of now, I am writing a post now and then, whenever possible, so bear with me. Today’s OOTD is simple and elegant ethnic look with a churidhar. I hope you will find it interesting.
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Maybelline Hyper Glossy Liquid Liner Review

Hi Gorgeous People!!

I wanted to try out some really lovely eyeliner other than the Lakme one which I usually use, thus I ended up buying the Maybelline Hyper Glossy Liquid Liner and to my surprise I ended up liking it loads that I right away wrote this review. It’s been 2 days since I am using this eyeliner and I am really glad to have found this thin brushed long stay liner. Also, what makes this more preferable is the wide range of colors that are available. Yes, not just black, this eyeliner has shades like Navy Blue, Turquoise Blue, Khakhi, Orange, Green, etc. I have tried out three colors and ended up buying the Navy Blue one. Read the rest of this entry

Contemporary Look #1 – Azzuri Bay – Lunch Date

Hi Gorgeous People!!

Today I happened to visit Azzuri Bay Restaurant which is present in Adyar with my best friend for a lunch. I totally loved this place and I had reviewed it here in Zomato (do give it a read!). Also, all the pictures that are posted below were clicked by my bestie Soundharya who blogs at Sound’s Take On It (show her some love). This is the 3rd entry in the StyleBook and this time it is a contemporary look with Jean and Sleeveless Kurti. I personally loved my look today and do read it over and tell me if you liked it (in the comments section). Read the rest of this entry

Safi – Natural Blood Purifier – Review

Hi Gorgeous People!!

“Sri, yet another trip. Damn, you are of marriageable age. Don’t spoil your skin” – Well, yeah that’s my mom’s reaction when I ask for permission to go on a trip. Trip or no trip, sin anyhow gets spoiled – thanks to the pollution, poor eating habits, and weird diseases like PCOD that causes ill-effects on our lovely skin. I have been there, suffered that – yeah, the worst pollution, PCOD, trips, Holi colors, face painting, Junk Food, etc. Whatsoever cosmetics we use, they clear and clean our external skin but what purifies our blood and gives our face a natural glow? A Natural Blood Purifier does! Read the rest of this entry

Ethnic Look #2 – Cotton Kurta & Leggings!

Hi Gorgeous People!!

Here is the second entry to my StyleBook and yet again with an Ethnic Look. Recently I visited this excellent tourist resort called Dakshin Chitra, near MGM in ECR, Chennai. Since it was a long drive from home and also because it was an ethnic village resort I chose to go desi with Kurta and leggings. The whole outfit is simple and just not more than anything necessary. Here is a brief about the Outfit of the Day (OOTD) and please do share your thoughts on it. Read the rest of this entry